Thursday, August 13, 2009

August will soon be gone. September will breeze in with crispness in the air, suttle changing of leaves hues, pumpkins and mums in our flower beds. Friends will host sweater weather cook-outs. The scents of Autumn will begin to fill every breath I take.

I love September. It is by far, my favorite month. Some say it is because I was born in that month, but that's not the reason. September evokes sweet memories.

Autumn begins her trumpet call to the trees. As their leaves begin the journey, brilliant yellows, oranges, golds, emerge, to feast my eyes upon. Some of them loose their grasp on the branch, drifting to the ground.

The first day of school began after Labor Day. The excitement of the new year for academics swelled my busy mind. I looked forward to new friends, new teachers, new memories to store away for a rainy day. I can smell the scent of crayolas, Prim water colors, and freshly sharpened pencils.

September brings Labor Day. Family get togethers were a constant on Labor Day. Dad grilled dogs, burgers and oniony potatoes on his hibachi. Mom made her famous tater salad and deviled eggs. The last of the garden's bounty appeared on Labor Day gatherings. The sweet tomatoes, peppers, and cukes n onions. I can taste it..........

As September awaits to arrive, I to, await.... all the sweetness of my memories, of my favorite month.

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